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    Cutting sand table model material is a time-consuming and laborious work, which requires calmness, care and patience. Different materials have different textures, so they must be separated and treated when cutting. According to the existing sand table model materials, cutting methods can be divided into manual cutting, manual saw, mechanical cutting, CNC cutting and other four ways. The following Zibo Model Company will share with you some matters we should pay attention to when cutting sand table model by hand.
    Manual cutting refers to the simple cutting tools such as paper cutters, blades and so on, which can cut sand table model materials. Usually, it also assists the stereotyping tools such as triangle rulers, templates and so on. It can cut various kinds of paper, plastic and thin wood chips. It is the main way of manual production. Cutting tools should be selected reasonably. For thin paper and transparent film, small cutting knives should be generally used to control cutting strength evenly. For hard cardboard, PVC board and PS board, large cutting knives should be selected to ensure smooth cutting surface.



    When cutting paper or plastics with high hardness, we must use triangle ruler as an auxiliary tool. One hand fixes the ruler surface and the table top. The fingers are distributed and pressed on the triangle oblique and right angles to form a solid triangle fulcrum. The other hand-held paper cutter cuts along the oblique edge of the triangle ruler at a uniform speed. The handle and the table surface should be 45 degrees, and the force should be moderate. Thicker paper should not pursue a single success. It can be cut many times. Pay attention to the position of the first cut to be accurate. Only after the scratch is formed, can the second and third knives be given the correct force point. When the profile is cut into half-broken and half-connected shape, it can not be forced to tear apart, otherwise it is easy to cause damage. For very thin paper, it is not advisable to cut from the side after folding to avoid uneven seam. In addition, when cutting the color printed cardboard, the knife should be cut from the printing surface to ensure that the appearance edge is neat and clean.
    When cutting the crisp veneer, the knife can be cut off from the fine-grained decorative surface. When cutting the thickness of the cardboard hard, it can be terminated. Then it can be easily broken off by hand. Finally, the edge of the cutting surface can be polished with sandpaper.
    No matter what kind of material is cut, the cutting tool should always be sharp, the force should be balanced and the cutting speed should be the same. For a knife can not successfully cut tough materials, nor too anxious, repeated operation will eventually be resolved. Manual cutting seems to be simple, but it requires long-term training because of its various techniques.
    Above is the wonderful content that Zibo Model Company summarized to us. Today we will introduce it to you first. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment on our official website: http://www.jnsymx.com.
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