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    1. Flexibility of building models
    The framework of the model is built on the basis of the drawings built. According to the established share, the walls of each facade are made by craftsmanship or computer engraving machine and then joined together. Its color and texture selection is a key link.
    And real exterior wall decoration materials. The model is the main turbid model. It is a separate knowledge. It is wise for the new artistic form to be born. Sometimes, the facade color of the model looks differentiated from the imagination, but a set of balcony windows on the model will be much better. Placing the model on the chassis and matching it with green plants are also outstanding. These are the artistic methods of brightening and weakening in the art of model making.
    It should also be pointed out that some units like to use computer action maps to follow Xuanke, which is one-sided, simple and can not find the feeling. The color of the computer action diagram is a continuous light-shadow relationship, which is changed. The selected part is reasonable only in the computer action diagram.
    Because the coloring texture in the model is completely different from that in the computer action diagram, and the principle of light reversal is also different. On the point of reference color, the purpose of computer action chart is to show the matching relationship between colors. In business, it depends on the mastery level of the creators of model art.
    2. Artistic expression of model building
    The environmental landscape part is also made according to planning. But in the expression of tree species and the color of flowers and plants, we should grasp it well. The expression of tree species is mainly pleasant, and the color of flowers and plants mainly focuses on the aesthetic feeling.



    For example, in practical gardens, flowers of various colors may be blooming, and their colors are intense, such as red, yellow, green, blue, etc. However, the real expression in the model will be very messy, but not beautiful and unreal.
    Therefore, the image and non-image of the scene in reality and in the model itself is a kind of opposition and unity of opposites. To the extreme, the image is unlike, and the non-image is normal. The center of the problem is to grasp the word "god", which accurately reflects the style and characteristics of environmental beautification and its purpose.
    3. Light Matching
    The lighting should be equipped according to the characteristics of the scene. The construction of residential areas and the lighting of waterscape should use warm color as far as possible, while the setting of evergreen trees should use cold light source. Street and garden lights should be arranged in a neat and uniform day and in accordance with certain rules.
    The project should be as colorful as possible and have more layers to support the overall environment. The key point of demand is that it is very important to master the degree. Don't let it shine everywhere, which leads to some parts of the periphery taking the glory of the theme instead. The matching scenery is the matching scenery. The protagonist is the protagonist naturally. Without the choice, there will be no key point, and there will be no successful construction model.
    4. Final closure
    Disc mouth refers to the final closure of the model, the frame, the bottom, the glass cover and other packaging parts. The closure of the case name share scale, sign, etc. must be appropriate. There are no definite formulas for the frame, the base, the glass cover, etc. The key point is to determine the size of the building model, the height of the building, the color, the style of beautification and the elements of the site, so as to be harmonious, beautiful and generous.
    The above information has been sorted out and released by our Dongying Model Company in the hope of bringing a little help to everyone's life in the future: http://www.jnsymx.com!
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