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    building model production company works, from the whole image can suddenly attract customers is the first building model of color, the whole building model the relationship between colors. The color of the building model is not only true, but also gives people a pleasant visual impression: the configuration of the environment and the planting of the trees are both reasonable and artistic.
    As for whether the building model exaggerates the part of the original design, you can not know. You will only feel that the architectural model is a beautiful architectural model, a complete architectural model, and a building model that resonates with the customer. On the contrary, some architecture model companies are far from the market, that is, it is made entirely according to the drawings, nothing is missing, and there are no mistakes, but it will make you feel that there is something wrong with it. Of course, both the color and the layout section belong to the soft part of a building model, and the building model is irrelevant to the drawing, which is only concerned with the artistic quality of the maker.

    We should pay attention to the characteristics of the product modeling style and stereoscopic form, and arrange the whole and the part. Industrial models should not be made too large and have no strict size and colour requirements. The production step is made of rigid foam according to the designed figure. First measure the material size, draw the line, cut off the material, select the appropriate tools, according to the line size, and then use electric cutting or movable cutting tools. The cutting model, geometry or parts will be provided with appropriate processing allowance for machining and sanding. Rough processing, should be a large area and small parts were processed, generally first file, cut the rough, and then sand into the body, after a large area of processing, and then processed parts to the required size, and finally a combination of combinations.


    Sales of building models and site images of real estate sales are mostly carried out shortly after the start of the project, while the actual floor image takes a long time to complete. Then the building model at this time became the only complete three-dimensional image of the project, but also become an important means of communication with customers. Whether it is engineering design style, color image or garden environment or facilities are reflected to the customers by building model and building model, different from the general renderings of the place is stereo and real building model, it should be said that the construction model and a lot of deceptive.
    In the premise of rationality of this kind of deception and we said, there are two kinds of quality such as the same goods, what kind of packaging was more suitable, more in place, the goods will be able to charm and consumer expectations of product performance. What we call cheating is basically based on that. Well, here's the question: what kind of building model is the ideal model of sales image building?
    In China, with the development of the real estate industry, the construction model industry has mushroomed, and the number of various types of building model companies has soared, and the price of building models is also a lot different. So, choosing the best model building company is the most important (sometimes the most suitable one, and not necessarily the most expensive one).
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